2014 National Field Trial    
Booneville, AR



2017 National Field Championship
and Supporting Stakes

October 29, 2017 to Conclusion

Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area
Booneville, Arkansas

Mary Ann Gustafson, Trial Secretary
8305 Elroy Rd
Del Valle, TX 78617-4818
(512) 247-3731

2017 Irish Setter Club of America National Championship 
Judges: Jim Yates and Kent Patterson
1st NAFC Cedar Creek Gem owned/handled by Ed Liermann
scouted by Dave Tompkins

2nd NAFC FC AFC Iskote Animikee
owned by Spero Manson handled by Steve Bailey  scouted by Bridget Bailey 

3rd Quantonas Reciprocal owned/handled by Kelli Aitken scouted by Trena Cardwell 
4th NAFC FC AFC Brophy's Riding High
owned/handled by Dave Tompkins
scouted by Ed Liermann

ISCA National Amateur Championship. 
Judges:Mr. David Taylor and Mr. William Smith 
1st FC Hey Lincoln Watch That Tail
owner/handled by Mark Smith, scouted by Terry Ziglinski 

2nd NFC Cedar Creek Talon owner/handled by Ed Liermann
scouted by Dave Tompkins

3rd Isikote Nibiing owner/handled by Spero Manson
scouted by Bridget Bailey 

4th NFC NAFC Cedar Creek Gem
owner/handled by Ed Liermann
scouted by Dave Tompkins 
ISCA Futurity
Judges: William Smith and Kent Patterson 

1st FC Russell's Shots Fired owned by Jim House
handled by Greg Dixon and scouted by Liz Dixon