Earlier this year, several Irish Setter breeders were contacted by individuals seeking stud service or desiring to purchase a puppy with the intent of creating Irishdoodles (Irish Setter x Poodle crossbred). The thought is appalling.

There are many arguments in favor of the “Doodle” crosses from their unsuspecting and misinformed owners. Most of these owners have been conned into the idea of a “new breed” with no health problems, no shedding, and wonderful temperaments.  Instead, they usually wind up with an unhealthy, shedding and sometimes nasty animal. But it is often difficult to educate someone intent on a Doodle. Remember ISCA’s Principles of Integrity specifically requires every member to make every effort to learn about the structure, anatomy, action, behavior and other inheritable traits of the Irish Setter and to use this information to adhere to the breed standard and produce sound, healthy dogs with good temperament. No room for Doodles here.

Dr. Fran Smith has an excellent article on the Labrador Club’s website on Labradoodles and has graciously allowed for its reprint here. This article offers the perfect answer for anyone considering purchasing or breeding a Doodle or any cross.

New AKC Rules
AKC has come out with a new judge/handler rule - the new rule is printed in the May 11-12, 2009 AKC Board Minutes - Page 5 and states as follows:
Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges
"Following a motion by Dr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Goodman, it was VOTED (unanimously) to amend the Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges as follows (the words in bold are to be added):"
"If you use the services of an agent, instruct the agent that he/she, and any member of the agent's household, or any handling associate of the agent may not exhibit dogs under you or any member of your household while in your employ and for at least four months after working for you.  In addition, you or a member of your household must not knowingly use the services of an agent, any member of the agent's household, or any handling associate of the agent to handle your dog(s) for at least four months after that agent has exhibited under you.  This policy applies to all levels of competition."

All questions should be directed to AKC.

Revised Regulations Governing The Use of Tracking Devices

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Health Committee News:

New HOD Project
The Irish Setter Club of America Health Committee is pleased to report a new initiative in the search for a research study into the causes of Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) in our breed.  More information on the current research page.

NEW HOD Paper!

ISCA sponsored Osteosarcoma Research Project at MIT.
Blood samples from affected dogs needed. Download research information and submission form or contact Jan for more information.

Important Notice for Dogs to Be Tested by Optigen for PRA
Make sure when getting dogs blood tested by Optigen for PRA that you also register for  CERF registration by paying the extra fee. If you do not do that, none of dogs tested by Optigen or their offspring will be eligible to be registered with ISGR. CERF does not give numbers to offspring..(.only ISGR) so it is important if your aim is to get numbers for the parents in ISGR and any offspring that you also register for the CERF registration fee on the Optigen registration form.


Beginning March 11, 2008, all submissions to ISGR registration will now be taken by OFA. OFA will now be doing all the administration work of ISGR and will continue to register Irish Setters from blood tested dogs that were tested by Optigen and their offspring. That information will be put on the website handled by OFA.
If any forms in the meantime have been sent to Chris Miller, Secretary of ISGR, or Sandy Novocin , blood tested coordinator, those forms with the proper fees will be forwarded to OFA. Refunds will be sent to the owners since the new fee for registering any dog whether blood tested or from genetically clear stock will now be $7.50.
The application will remain the same although all forms now should be sent to the following address:
c/o OFA
2300 E. Nifong Blvd.
Columbia, Missouri 65201

New Epilepsy Study -  Samples Needed!
The U of Missouri  is working in conjunction with a lab in Finland which has just been awarded more than $1 million to study epilepsy through SNP mapping. They are accepting new blood samples. Those who would like to participate can do so by logging on to the U of Missouri epilepsy network . There is a link there to access an online seizure survey and a sample submission form.


Thinking about becoming a judge?
  Or applying for Irish Setters as an additional breed? Contact the ISCA Judge's Education Chair - Sam Houston McDonald,
2301 Eagle Farms Road, Chester Springs, PA 19425    HM-610-458-0587

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