Futurity Chairman
Mary Pavelko
8605 Tipp Elizabeth Rd, New Carlisle, OH 45344
Phone: (937) 405-7190


The ISCA National Field Futurity is formulated to encourage the breeding of high-quality field and hunting Irish Setters and recognize the breeders and owners for their efforts. Litter nomination birth dates are from November 1 – October 31 for the Futurity to be held at least two but not more than three years after the month of birth.

The Futurity is a 30-minute stake that is run on wild birds, if possible. A second series may be held at the discretion of the Judges. The standard for the stake will be those of the American Kennel Club Derby Stake, with dogs judged primarily on inherited traits rather than training.

The most important of these are:

POINTING STYLE –Dogs must point staunchly and with intensity. Anything lower than a rigid, level, tail shall be unacceptable.

SPEED – Dogs should be fast and move effortlessly; they should cover a lot of ground, be independent and have an attractive style of running.

BIRD SENSE – Dogs must show intense desire for birds and intelligence in the use of the wind in searching likely cover. A good nose is essential. To place, a dog MUST FIND AND POINT BIRDS. A blank gun will be used in this stake.

STAMINA – A dog shall show its stamina by the energy and strength it displays at the end of the brace.

HANDLING – Dogs should be biddable.

All futurity entries must have acceptable pigmentation and eye color according to the latest Standard published by the ISCA. If an owner/breeder is in doubt as to whether a dog will qualify, a color photograph should be sent to the Futurity Chairman at least six (6) months prior to the drawing. If this is not done, the Futurity Committee has the option to approve or disapprove the dog at the running of the Trial.
1996 Amendment: All Futurity entries must come to the trial in a full coat as Futurity dogs may have no more white than the standard allows for coat, color, pigmentation. Dog may be clipped prior to running.
2003 Amendment: All Futurity entries are required to have an AKC DNA profile and be identified with a microchip implant. Dogs will not be drawn unless this information is received by the trial secretary prior to the start of the drawing.


There are two methods to nominate dogs for the Futurity:

1. Breeders may nominate all of the pups in the litter within 12 months of whelping by submitting a nomination form and a fee of $50.00 per litter.

2. Owners may nominate individual dogs within 24 months of whelping by submitting a nomination form and a fee of $50.00 per dog.

Both owners and breeders need to be ISCA members or pending ISCA members to nominate litters or individual dogs.

All fees must be paid in US dollars

2022 Futurity Nomination Form