About ISCA

The Irish Setter Club of America, Inc. is the Parent Club of all organized activities concerning the breed. It is one of the oldest breed clubs in the United States, having been formed in 1891 and thus is the focal point through which local clubs gain approval to hold shows and field trials. ISCA is represented at the American Kennel Club by an elected Delegate. The club conducts an annual National Specialty, National Field Trial and National Walking Field Trial, Hunt Test and Gun Dog Championships plus educational seminars for breeders and judges. It has a Breeder’s referral service, through the Breeder’s Directory, and a Rescue referral service through which local clubs can gain information about how to establish a rescue service for dogs in need of placement.

  • The Irish Setter Club of America publishes an award winning magazine, Memo to Members, six times a year, which is free to all members. It also produces an historical Pictorial every five years which is open to all members.
  • The Club also gives numerous annual awards through the generosity of its members, to those dogs and persons who have distinguished themselves at AKC events throughout the calendar year. These are presented at a gala banquet held in conjunction with the National Specialty.

  • The Club (in partnership with the ISCA Foundation), through its Health Committee, a Committee formed by the Board of Directors, funds research into medical problems which affect the breed and disseminates information about medical problems to the members through the Memo to Members.

  • The Club has a Register of Merit (ROM) which recognizes those sires and dams who have made significant contributions to the breed through the numbers of champions produced in conformation and field.

  • The Club maintains a Library of historical material, books, catalogs and other information which contains the history and activities of the club. Most of the historical references have been donated by members. A video library is also available with copies of our National Specialties beginning with the 1986 show.