Versatility Certificate Program

The primary objective of the Irish Setter Club of America, Inc (ISCA) Versatility Program is to demonstrate the Irish Setter’s hunting ability, reasonable obedience to the handler’s commands and to determine whether the overall breeding adheres to the Irish Setter Standard. Dog shows give the breeder an opportunity to demonstrate the progress made in breeding type and quality as outlined in the Standard. Companion events demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion to mankind. Field events are a demonstration of a sporting dog’s ability to hunt in his natural environment, proving his natural instincts.

The Versatility Certificate program is a combined exhibition of breed, obedience and field leading to the development of the full potential of the breed as outlined in the breed ring, the obedience trial, the field trial and certified in the AKC Standard.

ISCA Versatility Program – Rules and Qualifications (PDF)
How to Apply for a VC Title

The following clubs offer the VC Conformation Test

(Check the AKC and ISCA websites for the dates of their specialties)

Eastern ISA
ISC Central California
ISC Central Connecticut
ISC Colorado
ISC Fort Worth
ISC Greater Richmond
ISC Michigan

ISC New England
ISC Ohio
ISC Pacific
ISC Sacramento
ISC San Diego
ISC Southern California
ISC Western New York

ISCA Versatility Chairperson

150 McFarland Lane
Weatherford, TX 76088
(817) 929-0106

VC certificates issued in 2021

Fyreside Belles Beauty Keeley CD BN RA JH OA OAJ AXP AJP NF RATN CGC TKI VC
Melissa Suter

 Bringing the ISCA total to 318 VC titles awarded

VCA certificate issued in 2021

GCH CH MACH2 Redtale Time Flies When You’re Having Fun CD BN RA JH MXS MJS PJD MFB TQX
Melissa Suter & Debbie Murray

 Bringing the ISCA total to 3 VCA title awarded

And celebrating a truly OUTSTANDING performances:
VCX certificate issued in 2021

CH Cinnabar Heart’s Delight By Kinross CD BN RE SH AX AXJ MXP OF CGCA VCX
Pam Warner DVM & Peter Warner DVM

Bringing the ISCA total to 26 VCX titles awarded