Health Committee

The Health Committee of the Irish Setter Club of America was formed to address matters of health and well being for Irish Setters. Our mission is to provide research funds and education on topics of importance for the health of Irish Setters.

Two surveys were conducted over a period of ten years to determine the health problems that were most prevalent and those that owners and breeders considered to be the most significant in our breed. Our research projects have been based on the results of those surveys. The results of our third survey are available now.

ISCA funds most of its research through the AKC Canine Health Foundation. The AKC Canine Health Foundation is one of the major non-profit organizations devoted to animal health. All funding for our projects comes through the Irish Setter Club of America Foundation, a tax deductible organization, through the generosity of members and friends of the Irish Setter. Fund raising events are held by local clubs throughout the year and a major raffle is held in conjunction with the National Specialty. All donations received by the Foundation are tax deductible to the donors.

The philosophy of the Health Committee and the ISCA Board of Directors in funding scientific research which will benefit our breed is to concentrate our funds on a small number of studies. We are pledged to commit our resources to these projects over an extended period of time. We believe that most of the problems affecting our breed lend themselves to long-term solutions and we try to combine our resources to maximize our goals to provide a better quality of life for our dogs, and tools to achieve those goals for our breeders.

Questions about research projects undertaken by the Health Committee may be addressed to the Chairperson, Anne Marie Kubacz at 908-216-2357 or

ISCA is now a member of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) which is a repository for information about the health clearances for which Irish Setters have been tested. CHIC is a creature of OFA and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Donations to the Health Committee are now deposited into the ISCA Foundation account where they are tax deductible to the donors. The Health Committee will continue to administer the projects and funds which are designated for the Health Committee. We appreciate all the donations we receive and will continue to work for the health and longevity of our Irish Setters.

2021 Health Committee Members

Anne Marie Kubacz, Chair
170 S. Hope Chapel Road
Jackson, NJ 08527