The Irish Setter Rescue is a volunteer group of ISCA members who diligently work to find new homes for displaced Irish Setters. Additionally, they strive to educate the public about the breed. Rescue is all about making sure that we as Irish Setter fanciers do everything possible to take responsibility for the well being of all Irish Setters.

Every year many Irish Setters, across the country, find themselves in need of new homes for a variety of reasons. Some of the circumstances are understandable and completely unavoidable, such as in the death of the owner. Some dogs come to us lost or abandoned. Others because of the arrival of a new baby, a divorce, a new spouse, or a move overseas. These life changes usually are not a reflection on the dog. While some dogs are relinquished by their former owners, Rescue also receives dogs of unknown origin from shelters. Whatever the reason, Irish Setter Rescue, works to turn the situation around to the best interest of the dog.

Good breeders take responsibility for the dogs they produce and take back dogs that are given up by owners for whatever reason. These breeders assess the dogs and place them in suitable new homes. But there are breeders who fail to act with integrity, selling puppies and severing contact with buyers, allowing Rescue to make up for their lack of responsibility when the dogs are no longer wanted.

Yes!!!!! Many handsome and incredible dogs are frequently hidden under matted, overgrown coats. With grooming and attention each one makes an astounding transformation in spirit and appearance. They seem to know they are in good hands.

It is commonly believed that all rescue dogs have been abused or neglected. For the most part this is not true. As for those that actually have been abused or neglected, many new owners tell us that these dogs seem to understand their good fortune and respond by demonstrating an especially attentive and loving attitude.

Rescue dogs are available across the country. The Rescue effort is set up with volunteers and foster homes in each state, each case coordinated through Rescue’s Regional Rescue Coordinators. Dogs may be housed in a temporary foster home, remain with its original owner or live in a shelter while Rescue works to find a new home for the dog. All dogs are screened for medical and temperament problems in order to insure that only sound, healthy dogs are placed. Irish Setter Rescue will neither accept nor place any dog who is temperamentally unsafe or who has shown aggression towards people in the past.

An appropriate home for each dog is preferably sought locally. If a rescue dog is not available in your area, transportation for a dog in another area may be possible.

Each Rescue dog is spayed or neutered before being placed.

Rescue carefully screens for medical and temperament problems. Medical treatment is obtained as needed.
All vaccinations are brought up to date and if needed, heartworm testing is provided for each dog. Each dog is permanently ID’ed by microchip.

Finally, each dog is bathed and groomed before going to its new home.

We ask a donation be made to Irish Setter Rescue to help offset the necessary expenses for each dog. Spay or neuter expenses, vaccinations, heartworm treatment and other expenses can add up. Donations may vary depending on circumstances and age of the dog.

Any dog adopted may be returned at any time. Rescue carefully matches people with individual dogs, usually resulting in lifelong placement. If a dog placed by Rescue can not be kept, the dog must be returned to Irish Setter Rescue.

It is important to remember that Irish Setters are Sporting Dogs that were bred to run and hunt birds. Adult Irish Setters need plenty of exercise and generally, younger dogs have a higher energy level. Be certain you are willing and able to accommodate this need.

Irish Setters do not do well separated from “their people” and consequently do not do well as “outside only” dogs. For this reason, we require that all our rescue dogs be house dogs.

Learn more about the breed

This is the Irish Setter

To adopt a rescue dog

Fill out the application for adoption or contact:

Adoption Application
Rescue Policies

Return your application.

Deanna Cuchiaro
34 Ridge Rd
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Let rescue volunteers know if you are interested in obtaining more information on a dog listed on our site. Every effort is made to keep our listings current, but there may be additional dogs that have just become available. Please inquire. Please check with state rescue volunteers or regional rescue coordinators for more information.

Rescue Volunteers by State

And finally…
after your application is reviewed and approved you will be notified when an appropriate dog becomes available for your consideration. You will be asked to sign a contract when adopting an Irish Setter Rescue dog.


Rescue Coordinator
Deanna Cuchiaro
34 Ridge Rd
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Help of any kind is always welcome, and we are in need of foster homes. Financial contributions are gratefully accepted and can be sent to the ISCA Foundation using this form and mailing to:

ISCA Foundation
Jay Zirkle, Treasurer
34553 Deerwood Drive
Eugene, OR 97405

All photos on this page are of former ISCA rescue dogs that have been successfully rehomed!