ISCA National Specialty Seminar - 2017
Fitting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together: Anatomy, Structure & Movement

Sam Houston McDonald - ISCA Judge's Education Chair
Anne Marie Kubacz - ISCA Health / Breeder Education Chair

Have you ever heard someone use the words "return of upper arm”, “withers" or "bend of stifle? Have you heard the phrase “they should move as they stand?” Has it been a puzzle to you, exactly what these phrases mean, and exactly where those body parts are? By focusing on a review of anatomy, structure and movement as described in the Irish Setter standard, this seminar will help answer some of the questions people have when studying and interpreting the Irish Setter standard.

The Irish Setter standard says: "The correct specimen always exhibits balance, whether standing or in motion. Each part flows and fits smoothly into its neighboring parts without calling attention to itself."